This is the story of Frances, my mother.  A story one may think is unbelievable, although  I can  assure you this story was based on true facts.  It is one woman's illustration of how she coped  even in the most adverse of times.

This book is a personal reflection of stories my mother told me about her life as well as  having  lived a part of it. The validation of family lore from the little family I have left has made me  recognize that my mother exhibited extraordinary strength and courage and managed to  survive it all.  She set a remarkable example, perservering through so many challenges while  still keeping her faith in God.  Maybe as a child I didn't quite understand how difficult it must  have been for her as a single parent, considering the many obstacles she faced, but years   later,  when raising  my own family, I tried to follow her example and came to realize this  inspirational story needed to be told.  Hence, this novel was created.